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Monday, October 28, 2013

Singapore: Universal Studio's Seven District Zones

The Seven District Zones. Is Universal Studio Singapore seven district zones in the park which has a total of 24 unique rides and attractions.
Hollywood. The entrance and the first zone of the park which replicates the glamorous life in Hollywood and the buildings of 1940′s and all of the possible things you can see in the real Hollywood.

Along the streets of this zone are unique shops, live Broadway Musical, also you will have the first meet and greet with Hollywood films famous characters such as Marilyn Monroe and more cartoon characters such as Puss in Boots and a lot more.

New York. The City of New York in Universal Studios Singapore is the next zone. If you have been to that city in the 1940′s then this is your chance to reminisce its glory.

Sci-Fi City.  Basically, this is the third zone of Universal Studios which is the haven of those who are addicted to Science and Fiction. Along its street, you can see the enthralled adaptation of the movie Battle Star Galactica roller coaster. It has two features, the human coaster (on the red tracks) which is designed for riders who want a roller coaster experience with no inversions. While the cylons, are for those riders who alley themselves to the (blue tracks) that travel on a space craft that will perform more intensive maneuvers such as one inverted loop, one cobra roll and one helix spiral. It also plunge into a 5 meter deep pit filled with artificial fog to give thrill seekers the sensation of a near mist with the ground, since part of the ride will take place at a lagoon. The two exciting loops will have a sudden turn’s breathtaking drop and thrilling near-collisions that will make everyone scream their heart out. So, if you are scared take another rides.

Ancient Egypt. Basically, this zone has two features. You can take the ride “Revenge of the Mummy,” or the Desert Treasure. If you want to take the Revenge of the Mummy ride, be ready to queue for an hour or more.

The Lost World. This zone features two movie adaptation the movie “The Lost World,” and the movie “Water World” filmed in 1995. Witness a breath taking stunts, along with gun fires and other water exciting scenes. Warning! “Do not seat in the front rows…there are a lot of surprises!

Kingdom Far-Far Away.  Are you a fan of Fairy Tales? Behold and join the adventure of Shrek by entering this enchanted castle “Kingdom Far-Far Away” of the hilarious movie “Shrek” and have fun watching the 4D Animation movie. You’ll definitely don’t get bored! Never I could imagine that I would be able to set foot on the land and of the Kingdom of Shrek—Kingdom Far-Far Away. From a distance the sight of the magnificent kingdom is so inviting and made me feel thrilled and excited. Yes, for me it was fairy tales come true. Look at my smile, it came out naturally, because of the feeling that I have inside me…thrill!
While gazing at the kingdom that I used to see on a film and on print ads right at that moment I felt at home. I felt that I was a prince who wanders from place afar and just returned home. Then, I exclaimed jokingly “There’s no place like home” to my classmates and they were smiling and even ride with the joke.

Madagascar. The Madagascar is the last zone in the park. Yes, its the adaptation of the movie “Madagascar.” You can see them dancing on the stage by their lovely music and beat. Your children can dance along with them.


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