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Monday, October 28, 2013

Surigao del Sur: Britannia Group of Islands

Hagonoy Island

I usually hate surprises! But my best friend a birthday celebrant and her family who is now based in Singapore did a very exciting surprise for me. Actually, I have no right to be surprised, because she is the celebrant and I am her stupid best friend who never remember birthdays of friends and even my own birth date. Blame it to religion, but I don't celebrate birthday.

"Leaving the vicinity of La Entrada Beach Resort and Restaurant"

Twenty-four (24) tiny and uniquely formed islets made up Britannia Group of Island, situated in Brgy. Britannia, San Agustin, Surigao del Sur. It is the place where my best friend and her family brought me when she went home to celebrate her birthday. I was kinda ashamed of myself when I realized during the travel that its her birthday that's why there is a big treat. In my mind I was like "Uh! How stupid I am to be invited without even realizing it, because I was expecting something to happen or to be announced which is not.

The Britannia Group of Islands

Approaching the vicinity I was totally in awe, because I could see the exciting water and the inviting piece of land scattered and perfectly arranged like they are little munchkins wrapped in white chocolates which are floating in crystal clear water. Right there I knew it for sure that these group of beautiful islets is uniquely found in Agusan only, a place where most tourist do not visit, because of the so called conflict here in Mindanao, but thanks to that though, as most of these spots remains preserved and not yet abused like the sort of Boracay and others.

How I arrived there? From Iligan City I took a bus for an hour and half to Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City, then another six to seven hours of bus ride from Agora, Cagayan de Oro City to Butuan City, then to Bayugan I where my best friend live. I spent a night at their residence and was told to prepare for a beach the next morning. Barely had enough sleep cause we spent the night telling stories, because we have a lot to catch up we wake up at exactly 5:00 AM and after a few minutes of preparations we are then inside the van which my friends family hired. After an hour or two, voila! we were greeted with the sea breeze and that familiar sound of waves in the shore. The great ravine going to the destination provided  me a great time clearing my thoughts as memories of our friendship came afresh again. I used to travel with her into their residence during break at school.

While in Brgy. Britannia, we were accommodated at La Entrada Resort and Restaurant. A resort located just at the shore surrounded by green healthy mangroves. My best friend's family booked us a room which was good for the whole group (For room rates please visit the resort website). We stayed for a night and prepare ourselves for the highlight of the trip "island (islet's) hopping."  

The morning comes and we are set ready for the most exciting part of the trip for me - the island hopping! We took a pump boat which I think is big enough to accommodate at least 15 individuals. The weather is so clear and the tiny islands looks awesome and my eyes are glued on each of them. I guess I was too excited to take my eyes away from them, while being busy playing the shutter speed of my point and shoot Nikon camera which didn't failed my expectations.

"It feels like I am already part of their family"

Prominent islands or islets which catches my heart are first the Hagonoy Island, I believe its name is coined from the green medicinal "hagonoy grass" that grows in the island. It shape is uniquely formed from the waves of the sea and the sand is so white which is comparable to those of Boracay and Palawan. Secondly, the island called, Hiyor-Hiyoran - an island where coconut trees are uniquely grown along its white sand beach.

Hiyor-Hiyoran Island

Another is the Island called - Naked Island. Naked, maybe because basically its actually a sand dune, you see nothing in the island but white sands surrounded by crystal clear water, a few stones and dead corals. I find it unique and fascinating because its not really covered with the usual green grasses and mangroves like the other islands. Its a perfect island for sand bathing, but what we did was run around the island. We really cant get enough of it.

"This little young man is not aware that I was actually taking picture of him playing the sand"

Other Islands that we visited are Bonbon Island which has a long stretch of white sand beaches, Boslon Island where we actually took cover for a while when there was a strong wind and rains during our island hopping, the Panlangan Cave Island and the rest of the little islet's which names I can hardly remember.

"The Boslon Island"

The Britannia Group of Islands adventure with the Cahinosayan family was a super fun-filled adventure for me. Unexpected and yet it really rocks my world! Until now, I haven't forget how I screamed for excitement and the promise I made to go back and visit these paradise group of islands in Surigao del Sur. I hope you will join me in my next road adventure!

Posing with the Birthday Gurl! Happy Birthday!


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