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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Rediscovering Initao, Misamis Oriental

Travelling to Initao gives me such familiar feelings—general sense of joy. The first time I set foot in this land was when I was with a group of students going to Cagayan de Oro City to have an educational trip. We got down, because of their famous “bibingka.” The second time was when I was invited in a birthday celebration of my then board mate “Hym Hym.” The third time was when I was with a friend singer Ruby when they had a band gig. The fourth time was when Iligan Blogger’s Society Inc., had our annual strategic plan. However, in this recent visit to Initao whats all in my mind is to rediscover the place. Adventure! Why? Because I was with my friends who are also my fellow bloggers and not just an ordinary bloggers they are Philippine Travel Bloggers.

Though, Initao is just an hour or so from Iligan City. People rarely stop by and pay a visit this town. It’s true, a town situated between two competing cities—Iligan and Cagayan de Oro will really groped to have that attention from people who are more fascinated with malls and etc., For me, the town of Initao is not an attention seeker. I just thought that people have noticed the place, but they are too busy to stop and experience what are the best things yet to enjoy in this humble land.
However, for some people the town of Initao is as precious as the other. There are things that are found in Initao that cannot and will not be found in Iligan and in Cagayan de Oro City. I hope that through this writing these things will then become a reason for people to stop and visit Initao.

Midway White Sand Beach
Amazing! that was the only word I have in mind when I discover that Northern Mindanao has a white sand beach! Yes, I was really amazed because all along I thought white sand beaches in Norther Mindanao are only at the island of Camiguin. But, during the Strategic Plan of the Iligan Bloggers Society which is held at Midway White Sand Beach—I realized I was wrong!
Initao National Park
Whenever I am on a bus from Iligan going to Cagayan de Oro City or vice versa, when I was a kid, every time the bus passed by at the forested highway over at Initao I would surely closed my eyes. Wonder why? The reason is that I have heard a lot of stories of “Aswang” that are living Initao and every time I’m on a bus and it passes that forested area, it scares me to death. Pathetic right, but that was long ago. Later did I know that the thick forest along the highway is a protected area. Trees in that forest lived hundred years already and I just discovered that. The entire area is divided into two. If you are from Iligan the left side of the highway is the Initao National Park where you can see the cliff over the troubled water, bat caves and etc. On the right side is the Lasang Secret Adventure where you can climbed a spiral stair and walk from one tree top to another tree top.

Canopy Walk at Lasang Secret Adventure
At P250 you can conquer your fear of heights by challenging yourself to try their Canopy Walk Adventure. Basically, you are required to wear a helmet before allowing you to the canopy walk which involved a short walk towards this spiral stair. While walking a tour guide will introduce you to the kind of species of trees that are found in the said forest. Then, you have to take this spiral stair towards the first station. For people who are not used to being far from the ground I guess this is the time you really have to calm yourself—It’s a swaying spiral stairway so be careful. When you are at the first top station all you have to do is enjoy the view from above. It’s quite refreshing above. Hearing the birds sing and feeling the gentle breezy air while being swayed. Then you will realize the true essence of being free!

When you are at the top you will then walk through this shaky, swaying and hanging interconnected bridges. Basically this bridge is connected from one giant tree to another giant tree. By the way, make sure to make enough distance with your peers while walking on these hanging bridges. I guess five meters is enough? By doing this the bridge will not sway so much and of course the weight will be equally distributed. After moving from one tree to another, you can rest for a while before the guides will dressed you up for the final feature—zipping down that will signal the end of the walk.
Where you can eat while in Initao? 
When hungry while traveling and passing through the highways over at Initao one would really notice this boys wearing a reflector blowing their respected whistle giving the signal to commuter and travelers to park. Then why not stop and have your meal at this eateries along the highway?
Based on my experienced I would highly recommend the Kambingan and Native Chicken Restaurant—Lami ang ilang food compared sa atbang ^^
All the experienced that I had at Initao can be summed up into one statement “It’s awesome to rediscover Initao!”
So if you love travel and adventure—get your travel plan now and write “Initao, Misamis Oriental” ^^


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