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Monday, October 28, 2013

Maramag Bukidnon: Lake Apo Adventure

Lake Apo is the famous circular rift lake located about twelve (12) kilometers in Maramag, Valencia City, Bukidnon. It has an approximate area of 24 hectares and a depth of 85 ft. The lake through the effort of the locality has been dubbed as the cleanest landlocked body of water in Northern Mindanao.

How to go there? From my point of origin Iligan City, all you need to do is take a bus to Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City, from there you can take a jeepney ride to the Agora Terminal where you can take another bus ride to Valencia City. After arriving Valencia City, you can ask local people the direction to Lake Apo or hire a habal-habal taking you to the mouth of the lake.

What to expect while in Lake Apo? Basically, the best thing Lake Apo can offer to traveler and tourists is the incomparable display of colors of the sky during sunset and sunrise. The lake's serene beauty which is so magnificent that anyone who witness it might fall in love all over again and again. The landscape itself offers a great array of activities as the vicinity within the lake is covered with green carabao grass which is perfect for photography and other outdoor sports. While at Dr. Alfonso's rest house you can indulge yourself with water sports activities such as kayaking, riding and paddling with the canoe, jet-skiing.

While at the lake you can barely notice time. It's a "timeless place" as how Dr. Almer Alfonso the resort owner describe the place. While during morning you can feast your eyes with the colorful sunrise, while having breakfast at the floating cottages or play with the resort's toy for the big boys. I am actually referring to the amenities that the resort offers to its visitors. One could go to swimming at the resorts swimming pool or have a dip yourself on the lake. 

During mid-day you can challenge yourself to climb the not so high mountainous part of the place. The nearest peak will allow you to see the beauty of Pulangui River which generates electricity that saves Mindanao from more brown-outs.

When visiting Lake Apo one should take time, considering that the place is not near from the highway, therefore its best for you to bring food and make sure that you hired a transportation which is on call -meaning anytime you want to go down to the city proper the transportation is available. 

 Lake Apo is one of the best places of which you shouldn't miss when visiting Mindanao. It is a place where I can find myself in deep solitude. I consider the place as a place for reminiscing and pondering about the life that I have. The path that I am taking and the future. The place serves as my inspiration. Lake Apo reminds me of the place where I was born, a place where I can be what I wanna be. I place where I can set free all the worries and anxieties in the uncertainties of the future. 

Lake Apo means a lot to me that every time I think, write nor speak about it with my friends makes me shed tears. The place brings to me a lot of emotions, memories and even dreams.

Away from the busy streets and noise; it is actually a place where one can find himself celebrating life without indulging with alcoholic drinks and party bars. The place actually inspires anyone to keep dreaming and making it come true. 

Lake Apo is one of the destinations of the #TravelMindanao advocacy team where I am an advocate which imparts and encourage everyone to travel in Mindanao. If you visit Lake Apo we might be seeing each other there soon.

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